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Ennis Junior Triathlon Club - Muireann Collins


Muireann Collins goes to school in Coláiste Muire. She is going into second year. She takes part in aquathons and duathalons with the Ennis Junior Tri Club. She is going to compete in the i-Tri in Ballyalla this summer. This isn't her only sport. Check out this interview we had with her.

What age are you?

When did you start doing aquathons and duathalons?
When I was 12.

Why did you start doing aquathons and duathalons?
My dad's been in the Ennis Tri Club for 5 years, so a couple of his friends and himself set up the Ennis Junior Tri Club. My sister and I went to one of the trainings to see what it was like. The training was great and everyone was really friendly. It was fair sociable. So we stuck with it.

I'd been training for about six months before I did an aquathon. I was nervous at the start but at the end I was extremely happy with my result. It was hard but everyone was very encouraging so that made it easier.

Do you play any other sports?
I play Gaelic football and camogie with Doora Barefield. I love it. I swim with the Ennis Swimming and Lifesaving Club. In the summer I swim with Clare Surf Lifesaving Club.

How long have you been doing these sports?
I started Gaelic football when I was 5. I started camogie two years ago. I joined the Ennis Swimming and Lifesaving Club last September and I've been in the Clare Surf Lifesaving Club for three years.

Do you do anything besides sports?
I have been playing concertina for the past 5 years. My teacher is Tim Collins. He is a great teacher.

Have you competed recently?
I competed in the duathalon series set up by Go-Tri, Predator, and Ennis Junior Tri Club. You compete in the three races, and they pick your best two to place you. I only competed in two but over all I came third! It wasn't winning that was the best thing; it was the sociable side of it, meeting different people.

What's your typical week?
Monday-swimming, football
Tuesday- music
Wednesday- camogie
Thursday- football
Friday- swimming
Saturday- football
Sunday- swimming, camogie

Do have any preparations before competitions or matches?
Go on my trampoline and then relax in my bed!


Quick Fire Round!
Favourite food: Boiled chicken
Favourite drink: Fanta/7up
Favourite movie: Divergent
Favourite colour: Dark / light green
Biggest ambition: To make a difference in the world.

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