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Championship Leader Table 2015

Congratulations to Mick Davis and Marie Lynch who are ETC champions 2015

How you score points in the Ennis Triathlon Club Championship


For each race in the championship ETC members who finish receive points. Total score for the season will be the sum of the points for the competitor’s three best races that are part of the championship. Points Are calculated in the Following Way: 


  • Divide the finish time of the member who is at the thirtieth percentile by your own finish time, and multiply the result by 100. 


The person at the thirtieth percentile is the person who is last place within the top thirty percent of the race finishers. Calculate to the second place (e.g., 1.12). 

The nearer the first place you finish, the higher your score. If you finish ahead of the person at the thirtieth percentile, your score for that race will be greater than one hundred.

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