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ETC Junior Duathlon - Lees Road Sports & Amenity Park, Ennis 




29th March 2015


This year Ennis Triathlon Club as well as hosting the Triathlon Ireland National Duathlon Championships are also hosting a Junior Triathlon at the same venue on the same day.





How to get to the race venue


On the Ennis by-pass turn off at exit 12 (Kilrush/Ennistymon) towards Ennis.  Stay on this road, straight through four roundabouts, all the way to the Lahinch Road roundabout.  At this roundabout (on a T-junction), take a right and then take the very next left.  In less than 1km, you'll pass a crossroads and the entrance to Lees Road will be just up on your left. 


Race Briefing


Registration From 8:00am

We will be having an on-going race registration we will be asking that all competitors register for their event at least 1 hour before the estimated race start time as stated below,


Estimated Race Start Times:

Ages 6-7      : 9:20am

Ages 8-9      : 9:45am

Ages 10-11  : 10:20am

Ages 12-13  : 11:10am

Ages 14-15  : 12 noon


Race Distances:

Marshal Briefing: 9:00am


Competitor briefing: Before the start of each race. 





1. What age group category will my child be in?

The age group category is based on the age that your child will be on, the 31st December 2015. To avoid confusion on the day and get your child into the correct age group please register your child online using link:


Age Groups:

Ages 6-7      : Born 2008/2009

Ages 8-9      : Born 2006/2007

Ages 10-11  : Born 2004/2005

Ages 12-13  : Born 2002/2003

Ages 14-15  : Born 2000/2001


2. Will I be able to help my child in transition?

No. due to the potental number of athletes participating in each age group category Transition will be a very busy area, we will have registered Triathlon Ireland helpers within transition to help any child that needs it.


3. The Course is on grass, should I use a mountain bike or road bike?

Either can be used on the course as the surface is relatively flat throughout. If it is or has been raining Knobbly Tyres will be an advantage for traction and cornering.


4. Can I be on the course to encourage my child?

Yes, but we are asking all parents not to encrouch on the course which may impede other athletes. We will be asking all parents and supporters to be mindfull of other athletes and obey the Marshals on the day for you and your childs safety.


5. What equiptment should I bring?

  • Bike       - Make sure its in good working order, as to avoid any mechanical issues which may effect your childs race.

  • Helmet   - Without this your child will not be able to race!

  • Runners - Bring the fast pair! 


6. Our Child will be doing lots of laps who does the counting?

We will have counters positioned on the course to help with the counting of the laps, but we will be asking your child to try and keep count. The counter will indicate to the athlete as to when they are on the final laps of each stage of the race. If there is any dispute in the number of laps done by an ahtlete the counter total is final. 


7. I feel that the distances are too great for my child can they race in the age group below?

Yes. If parents or athletes feel the distance is beyond their current capability it is permitted to enter the race for the age group below their current age. However please note that in doing so they will not be eligible for podium placement irrespective of finishing position. It is not permitted to enter the age group above their current age. 


8. What are the Rules of a Duathlon?

  • A Duathlon is a Run-Cycle-Run event where the athlete moves from one discipline to another in the “Transition area”.

  • All competitors will have to rack/setup their bikes in the “Transition area” prior to race start.

  • When athletes enter the “Transition area”, before they are allowed to touch their bikes, their helmets must be fastened securely (they will be stopped by race officials if not properly secured)

  • There is no cycling in the “transition area”

  • After retrieving their bike the athlete then runs out of the “Transition Area” and are only allowed onto their bikes until after the mount line.

  • Nearing completion of the bike course the athlete is to proceeds back to the “Transition area” where they must dismount from their bike before the dismount line.

  • The athlete then must return their bike back to where it was retrieved and must have racked their bike before they remove their helmet


If you require any additional information please contact us at


Course Map Ages 6-7

Course Map Ages 8-15

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