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Who Can Join?

Anyone over the age of 6 within the Clare area.

How much does it cost?

The Ennis Triathlon Club adult membership fee is €30.

You will also require membership of Triathlon Ireland, with either a Training license (€20) or a Race License (€60).

Race License: You receive a level of personal accident cover, are insured for training with a club and to participate in Triathlon Ireland sanctioned events, without paying a one day licence fee.

Training License: Suitable for those who are involved and training with a club but do not intend to race.

You need to join through Triathlon Ireland and then select Ennis Triathlon Club as your intended club.

If you intend on partaking in two or more triathlons during the year, then you should sign up to Triathlon Ireland for a Race License. This is because there is a €15/€25 one-day mandatory license requirement for those who do not possess full Race License type membership of Triathlon Ireland.

See Triathlon Ireland membership types here. 

There are further discounted membership fees for U23s/U19s/U16s/U14s ranging from €35 down to €5.

There are additional Ennis Triathlon Club fees associated with coached swimming, running and turbo classes - where attended.

People are weclome to come and try upto 3 training sessions before joining.

What equipment will I need?

As with many sports and hobbies, it's possible to spend a considerable amount of money on specialist equipment. But the entry-level cost of triathlons is relatively low. Basic equipment required:

  • Swimming Togs

  • Swimming Hat

  • Goggles

  • Wetsuit (for open-water swims)

  • A racer / hybrid bike

  • Cycling helmet

  • Running Shoes

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